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"So this whole concept is new for me, got to know about cuddle therapy via media and googled for professional and came across Ani. Booked and did a therapy session with Ani. Wow I can't even explain how stressfree, light, happy,blissful I felt. Ani is an amazing professional cuddling Angel with in depth knowledge to chat in common and an enlightenment in spiritual level. Very Happy :-)" - Shiva 

"Had a healing cuddle session with Ani. She has positive energy and vibe!" - Maria, 29 from London

"Ani is a beautiful and kind soul. She made our cuddling session a really joyful experience. She's a great conversation partner and a genuine person who understands and welcomes the need for platonic connection. If you are interested in cuddling,certainly give her a try. You won't regret it. - Kenny, 48

I had a amazing session with Ani she is very down to earth, easy to get along with and a great cuddler!" - Hugo, 26 from London

“My cuddle session with Ani was really lovely and relaxing. It helped reduce my anxiety.” - Sam, 39 from Essex

"I really enjoyed my session with Ani, she's very warm and easy to chat to. I felt relaxed and at ease afterwards, and this lasted for many hours after the session!" - Tim 

“When I had my first cuddle therapy session with Ani, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but she put me totally at ease. She is a very warm soul. The session was incredibly relaxing. Since then I’ve felt less stressed and been sleeping better. Thank you very much Ani!” - Ben, 32

“I had a 1 hour long cuddle session with Ani. It was my first time to try cuddle therapy and I was intrigued. It was the most relaxing time ever. I felt truly comfortable and at ease the whole time. I will certainly book 2 hours next time.” - Rakesh, 43 from London

"I had a lovely and relaxing session with Ani. She was gentle and warm. I will definitely see her again soon for another cuddle as I slpet really well afterwards." - Henry, 29

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