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"Just had my 2nd session today with Ani, and I can safely confirm that it was awesome!
Shes is gentle, warm, kind, welcoming and amazing at cuddling. I arrived at the session a scattered mess and left feeling balanced and peaceful ready to go again. Healing Cuddle is a very fitting name.
Highly recommended for anyone in need of a pick me up or generally just wants a cuddle." - Daniel

"I reached out to Ani due to chronic pain, panic attacks, and a lack of feeling safe and at ease in my general day-to-day experience. I was excited to try a new process I hadn't yet come across before. Ani is very gentle and personable to be around. I felt a sense of grounding and becoming more present during my session with her, helping to improve my nervous system disregulation and come into a state of more calm. I felt much brighter and more whole in myself upon leaving. All in all was a very beneficial experience." - Tom

"I visited Ani because of my mild depression and a somatic symptom disorder. Cuddling helps me to improve my mental health, more than every therapist can, and it might help against my lack of emotions. Furthermore it helps me with my social anxiety. Ani is really empathetic, caring, friendly and good at listening. Cuddling is a great way to relax and to reduce stress. I just felt good afterwards." - Tom

"I found Ani very personable, genuine and she has a good energy about her. I was so stressed out and overwhelmed due to family illness and I needed some support. I thought some hugging therapy would be beneficial to me and decided to give it a try. It was surprisingly felt quite natural and not weird at all. I just closed my eyes and did my best to surrender. The session helped to ground me more and take me out of my head and back into my body. I began to feel really exhausted as the session progressed and knew this was an indication that I was starting to calm and let go. I found the whole experience very positive and helpful. My energy improved and started to flow better afterwards as a direct result. Many thanks!" - EG

"The cuddle session with Ani was very helpful for me. It filled a void in my life that no family, friend or counselor has been able to offer. Hands-on touch is a tangible form of healing and is powerful. Being that i didn't receive much nurture as a child, i have developed a barrier in my relationships. Allowing myself to be cuddled and safely touched at my own pace, it is helping me to heal and do less of the fight-flight pattern, that prevents me from experiencing real connection and intimacy. I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with similar trauma." - Helen

"Ani is a wonderful person who is very professional, punctuate, and has a lovely personality. My sessions with her could not be any better. She is compassionate, respectful, and very kind. I will certainly reconnect with her once in town again. Thank you!" - Marvin

"I contacted Ani after reading about cuddle therapy - the session was great, very relaxing and I felt the benefits straight away! Thank you Ani!" - James

"So this whole concept is new for me, got to know about cuddle therapy via media and googled for professional and came across Ani. Booked and did a therapy session with Ani. Wow I can't even explain how stressfree, light, happy,blissful I felt. Ani is an amazing professional cuddling Angel with in depth knowledge to chat in common and an enlightenment in spiritual level. Very Happy :-)" - Shiva 

"I had wonderful sessions with Ani. She is a very nice friendly person. I had several times cuddled with Ani. Very nice clean place. I recommend everyone have a cuddle session with her. After cuddling I have been very relaxed. Thank you Ani!" - Ahmed

"I was skeptical about the online session and had no clue what to expect, however it surprisingly worked a treat. Ani was amazing and guided me through our virtual session with ease. Eye gazing was a surprisingly pleasant experience and didn’t feel awkward at all. Ani is also an amazing listener and has great insight into self-care. By the end of the session I felt deeply relaxed. Thank you Ani!" - Amelia

"Had a healing cuddle session with Ani. She has positive energy and vibe!" - Maria

"Ani is a beautiful and kind soul. She made our cuddling session a really joyful experience. She's a great conversation partner and a genuine person who understands and welcomes the need for platonic connection. If you are interested in cuddling,certainly give her a try. You won't regret it. - Kenny

I had a amazing session with Ani she is very down to earth, easy to get along with and a great cuddler!" - Hugo

“My cuddle session with Ani was really lovely and relaxing. It helped reduce my anxiety.” - Sam

"I really enjoyed my session with Ani, she's very warm and easy to chat to. I felt relaxed and at ease afterwards, and this lasted for many hours after the session!" - Tim 

“When I had my first cuddle therapy session with Ani, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but she put me totally at ease. She is a very warm soul. The session was incredibly relaxing. Since then I’ve felt less stressed and been sleeping better. Thank you very much Ani!” - Ben

“I had a 1 hour long cuddle session with Ani. It was my first time to try cuddle therapy and I was intrigued. It was the most relaxing time ever. I felt truly comfortable and at ease the whole time. I will certainly book 2 hours next time.” - Rakesh

"I had a lovely and relaxing session with Ani. She was gentle and warm. I will definitely see her again soon for another cuddle as I slpet really well afterwards." - Henry

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