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Services & Prices
I offer five different services to my clients. All sessions are tailored to the client's needs and requirements.

Conventional Cuddle Therapy (from £60 / hr) 
A Cuddle Therapy session is a nurturing experience where you will experience kindness, gentle, consensual touch and be held just as you are. There will be space to just chat or nourish yourself in the silence yet comfort of another’s company. You will be made to feel safe. The session will be free from judgment, expectations and advice; just listening ears, a friendly face and a warm embrace. 
The session can incorporate breathing techniques to help get you relaxed, eye gazing, hugging, sharing conversation, quiet hand-holding, playing with hair or trying various cuddling positions, while respecting each other's boundaries. If you are not sure what you like, we can try a few different things.

Touch Anxiety Therapy (from £60 / hr) 
I offer Touch Anxiety Therapy for anyone who has an aversion to touch and cuddling possibly triggered by past experiences, and who feels a yearning to work through this. 
These specially designed sessions help you to overcome the fear of being touched by another person, and with the anxiety of touching and cuddling someone. The aim is for you to feel comfortable to be close to people and be able to accept someone’s closeness and touch. As a result it will be easier for you to connect with people and form relationships.
During the session there will be a very gentle introduction to closeness and we will proceed based on what the client is comfortable with. We will look at boundaries and consent and I will ensure you feel safe at all times taking as many breaks as needed.

Detailed Pricing

In-Call Session (studio in Cheshunt, London Zone 8):

1 hour £60 
1.5 hours £85 (recommended)
2 hours £110
3 hours £160

Out-Call Session (your place):

1 hour £75
1.5 hours £100 (recommended)
2 hours £135
3 hours £170

 In-Call Session (therapy room in Islington, London):
1 hour £90

1.5 hours £125 (recommended)
2 hours £160

Longer sessions are available on request.

Caring Companionship (£50 / hr)
This is a version of Cuddle Therapy, which can be incorporated into my clients' every day lives. Caring Companionship is about the joy of having your Cuddle Therapist keep you company while participating in your favourite activities, all whilst receiving platonic touch. 
Caring Companionship can have a huge impact on the day-to-day outlook and positivity of people who are liable to become lonely, or for those who have been suffering from loneliness for some time. Caring Companionship aims to reduce or prevent loneliness. These sessions aim to provide the client with some of the gratifying human connection everyone needs and deserves. It’s a pleasant time spent with your Cuddle Therapist in a relaxed setting. Your Cuddle Therapist will still provide Touch Therapy and offer kind listening ears during your time together.

Relax combo (£145 / 3 hours)
This relaxing experience is the combination of 1.5hr Cuddle Therapy and 1.5hr Caring Companionship. It starts with a mind soothing and body calming cuddle therapy session in a comfortable studio in Cheshunt. 
After the cuddle session we take a leisurely tranquil walk in the most scenic part of Lee Valley Park whilst your Cuddle Therapist will still provide Touch Therapy and offer kind listening ears. 
We then return to Cheshunt Station where we part with a hug. 
The length of this experience can be changed and adjusted to your needs. 

Cheshunt is in London Zone 8 and it can be easily reached by frequent trains using Oyster card or Contactless debit/credit card. 

Online Sessions (£25 / half an hour) 
A virtual session includes any or a mixture of the following: eye gazing, self-comforting techniques, hug meditation, virtual cuddle session and activities bringing deeper connection. Virtual cuddling is not void of touch. Self touch mimics the touch from a practitioner. Virtual cuddling can make the brain feel similar to being cuddled. Even eye gazing can be deeply moving. 
During the session we practice rehabilitative touch techniques, which reconnect the client's mind to their body, so they can self sooth in a more effective way. The online support follows the same rules as an in-person session. No nudity, non-sexual, non-romantic.

Therapy room in Islington, London. Only a short walk from Angel tube station and Essex Road Overground.
Therapy studio in Cheshunt, (Greater London zone 8). Only 8 minutes walk from Cheshunt station.

In order to book a therapy room in Islington, I require £30 deposit for each hour booked. The remaining balance can then be paid in cash at the beginning of the session or online prior the session.
Cancellation policy 
There is 48 hours cancellation policy in place. If for any reason you need to cancel the session, please do so more than 48 hours prior to the session to avoid charges.

I accept online payment in advance or cash at the start of the session.
I am available most days, however it is best to contact me in advance.

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